Jeremiah Stroup

Jeremiah Stroup

After working 20 years in media and entertainment, I’ve learned how important presenting the right image is. Midas helped me create a first class web site highlighting my career as well as past and present projects. Best of all, it was created with my busy schedule in mind. It’s quick and easy for me to make updates and add content without a lot of fuss.

-Jeremiah Stroup, Social Entrepreneur


Brand Development

Jeremiah wanted a brand that was very clean and simple, but not boring. It needed to be professional, but not confusing. Jeremiah is a very creative individual yet he is also laser-focused. We used this direction to build a machine capable of delivering these exact specifications.






Web Design

Jeremiah was looking for a website that could present a mini-bio of his brand. For him, his site was to be a tool, an employee to promote his marketing and creative services, 24/7. As a social entrepreneur, Jeremiah also wanted to incorporate meaning to his website, so we collaborated to integrate a storytelling component where Jeremiah shares the mentorship and guidance that has inspired his vision to build a better world through business.



The Result

Jeremiah Stroup was already a great story, but one that needed to be shared with the world. We were able to work alongside Jeremiah to create a brand and website that combined his creative vision and talent with his passion for helping people. He now has a polished, professional image to match his one-of-a-kind personality.