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Copy is one of the most influential drivers of behavior, and our team of expert copywriters is ready to tackle everything from web copy to direct response campaigns.

Your customers are waiting to be sold.

When your business is able to truly solve a pain point, you are actually doing a disservice to your customers by not presenting your solution as persuasively as possible.

Our writers are both creative and technically sound in order to ensure that your products and services are presented in an eloquent way that inspires buying behavior.


“Midas created a great website that is easy to navigate, professional and well written.”

-Danielle W., NWNM

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Timeless, Persuasive Copywriting Services

The principles of human psychology have remained fairly consistent over the years. Our copywriting team has studied what makes us tick, and writes copy that leads to action through clarity, eloquence and inspiration.

  • Full-service website copywriting capabilities
  • Direct response campaigns and email copywriting
  • Blog writing, content writing and whitepapers
  • Copy editing services

Copywriting Services

Website Copy

With attention spans shortening every single day, your website copy has to be both brief and brilliant. Working with an outside copywriter for your website copy can be helpful for two reasons. First, you’ll get an outside perspective to better understand what your customer is hoping to accomplish by browsing your website (rather than just what you think is important). Second, your business’ services will be communicated through the pen of a professional, keeping things simple and straightforward yet also persuasive and powerful.

Blog Writing

Having an active blog should be in the arsenal of every business looking to grow. An updated blog improves your search engine ranking and provides opportunities for your business to be discovered by searching prospects. It also establishes your authority in your industry and provides content that can be re-purposed across social media Blog writing has become one of our true bread and butter service offerings, as we’ve developed a process of research, writing, optimizing and publishing that runs like clockwork for our clients.

Email Copywriting

Establishing and nurturing relationships through email marketing has proven to be one of the best communication strategies a business can implement. Do it well, and your business can benefit from ROI levels that compare to a retargeting campaign. Do it poorly, and your messages will go unread and unsubscribe rates will rise. We can help you deliver effective email campaigns that are enjoyable and meaningful for your email list while boosting your bottom line.

Copy Editing

A second pair of eyes is always a good idea. Our copywriting team can review your work from a few different perspectives. First, we’ll make sure everything is technically sound considering grammar, spelling and sentence structure. We’ll also evaluate it from a marketing angle, making sure that the response you are hoping to evoke from your readers is woven into the fabric of your copy.

Copywriting FAQ’s


  • How Do You Research My Business and Industry?

    The idea of an “outsider” writing on behalf of your business can be daunting at first, but the process is actually pretty straightforward. We start by interviewing you to get an idea of your voice, business, and industry vocabulary. We’ll learn about any websites or other resources that you trust and reference frequently. From there, we get to work with our research and drafting of content. Once everything is ready for your review, we send it your way. For more intensive collaborations, we often work off of a Google doc to track suggestions and edits. By the time we have an end product, our clients are generally very pleased with how their voice and business were represented in our copywriting. In the end, it’s often our outside perspective that makes the copy exceptional, as we pair our unique insights with your deep knowledge of your business.

  • What Are Your Rates for Copywriting Services?

    It varies project-to-project, but our rates generally fall in the $75 to $125 an hour range.

  • How Are You Able to Adopt My Voice?

    We take a considerable amount of time to get to know you and your business. With have a process of discovery that blends a series of questions with casual conversations around your business and your ideal customer. It’s a combination of art and science, but we feel confident that you’ll come away with an accurate representation of your voice and business through our copywriting services.