Brand Design

Brand Design

Your brand is the foundation for how customers experience your company. Over time it can become your greatest asset or a painful liability.

Build top of mind awareness and connect with customers with a winning brand.

At first glance, a brand may seem like just a formality – especially in certain industries. And while a brand may be more emphasized in certain industries, its importance in the long run is undeniable.

Humans are not rational creatures; we are all susceptible to persuasion and influence. Your logo design, brand experience, and other branding characteristics have the opportunity to create positive or negative associations with your company at every touch point. Our team will help you build a brand that will inspire your customers and stand the test of time.


“Midas did a fantastic job of bringing my brand to life. From business name to logo design to launching a beautiful website that I am proud of, Midas kept my concept in mind.”

-Emily S., ZenPro Massage

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Creative, Memorable Brand Design

Your brand will often be the first experience potential customers have with your company. We’ll work with you to make sure its a great first impression that paves the way for a great relationship with your existing and future clientele.

  • Logo design services for small and mid-size businesses
  • Full branding campaigns, complete with company naming, fonts, color schemes and brand guides
  • Brand identity and brand strategy to make sure you are well-positioned in your industry based on your core competencies
  • Rebranding and brand refresh capabilities
  • Brand implementation services to incorporate your new look across all your company in a cohesive manner.

Brand Design Services

Logo Design

Over time, a great logo can prove to be one of your best marketing investments. After all, a logo is often the first visual impression a customer will experience. A strong logo can portray professionalism (leading to increased perceived value), attention to detail (which establishes trust), and much more. We’ll work with your team to understand the vision of your company, what you do best, and how we can communicate that through a powerful logo design.

Brand Identity

A great brand begins with a high level of strategic thought. Anybody can register a business and whip up a basic logo, but a true brand much deeper. What are your core values? How will your brand remain cohesive across digital, print, and all other marketing mediums? How will a potential customer feel when they first hear about your company? We’ll help you build a foundation capable supporting a wildly successful company.

Brand Strategy

At first glance, many would think that having a professional logo and consistent marketing collateral is enough for a  good brand. True branding enthusiasts know that the rabbit hole goes much deeper. Brand strategy involves a process of truly learning your customer’s psychography and positioning your business accordingly. Your brand must be professional, but it also needs to be relevant and top-of-mind for customers when they are faced with the specific pain points your business can solve.


There are a variety of reasons a company may consider rebranding. Business growth, change of ownership or strategic direction, or a simply outdated brand can all inspire an updated brand experience for your customers. Whatever the reason, a successful rebranding process must maintain a connection with your existing customers while paving the way for the future. Our design team will collaborate with you to deliver a polished, updated brand for your business.

Logo & Branding FAQs


  • Can You Just Design a Simple, Professional Logo?

    Yes. We don’t have to do a full branding campaign if your budget and goals only support a logo design. We usually recommend investing in your brand if possible, as a strong brand is an irreplaceable asset, but we are able to be flexible if that’s what you need.

  • What’s the Process of Branding Campaign?

    We gather as much information as we can about your company, your goals, your ideal target market, and your competition. Then we help you organize your strategy and write messaging, company name, and tagline or motto around your strategic advantage in the marketplace. We design a corporate identity/logo design package that reflects your overall brand message, then put together a brand guide document that outlines everything we’ve built.

  • What’s Included in a Brand Design Package?

    It depends on your goals and your budget. If we’re able to dive into our entire process, deliverables include everything from messaging, company name, logo & corporate identity, and a brand guide document. We also work with many companies who are looking for just a few key aspects of our branding process, because they already have the others. It’s really up to you!

  • How Much Does a Branding Campaign Cost?

    We take the same approach to branding as we do when designing a new website. Different businesses at different revenue levels require varying degrees of a branding process. However, we are not a high-end, boutique branding agency that will bill $20k+ for a 3-6 month, complete creative experience. Most of our branding efforts are for small to mid-size businesses and run in the $1500 to $10,000 range. We try to keep things efficient and straightforward, while still providing a professional experience all the way from the initial logo sketches to a polished, cohesive brand for your company.