SEO Services

With search driving more and more buying decisions every day, SEO is an essential component of every businesses’ marketing strategy.

SEO Services

When customers search for your business online, make sure they find you.

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful ways to position your business, as potential buyers have already indicated intent for your product or service.

Our SEO campaigns are tailored specifically to your target market and include an effective variety of linkbuilding tactics, content marketing, and website optimization, all underpinned by ongoing keyword tracking , competitor analysis and simple monthly reporting.


“Midas got my business on the first page of Google search, in two states, within a short time.

-David O., Oswald Insurance

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Proven SEO Services That Hit the Mark

SEO strategy is always changing rapidly, which means that having expertise in the future of the industry is just as important as knowing what works today. We implement the best and brightest SEO campaigns in addition to staying ahead of where the industry is headed.

  • Data-driven linkbuilding strategies that work to move your business up the search results
  • Content marketing to improve website authority and rank for long-tail keywords based on questions your customers are asking
  • Website optimization so major search engines can best understand your business and what you offer customers
  • Simple monthly reporting that tracks keyword ranking, organic website traffic, competitor comparison and more

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SEO Services

SEO Packages

Our affordable, “done for you” SEO packages deliver a streamlined solution for your business to put its organic growth on autopilot. Our team of researchers, on-site optimization specialists, linkbuilding experts and A+ content writers will all collaborate on your business’ behalf to provide the ongoing SEO outreach, content creation, campaign analysis and all other search components it needs to improve organic traffic, leads and sales month-over-month, year-over-year.

SEO Packages

Content Marketing

We highly recommending pairing any linkbuilding with a strategic content marketing plan. Content marketing, often associated with inbound marketing, involves a process of writing and optimizing targeted blog posts around your customers’ pain points so that your content pops up when the customer searches online for a solution to their problem. We research your industry, write relevant content and post directly to your website after you approve, automating an effective content marketing program for your business.

Research and Audits

We use industry-leading tools and software to conduct keyword research, run website audits, understand your competitors, and learn exactly what it’s going to take to position your business atop the search engines. We also integrate our research and strategy with your website goals to ensure that we are ranking for the right keywords to help your business grow.

Website SEO

Developing the right website SEO is crucial in order for the search engine crawlers to best recognize your site. Everything from which words you feature in your headlines to the captions you tag on your images can work to boost your site’s ranking. We know every nook and cranny when it comes to mastering your visibility through on-site optimization, and look forward to passing along the website hits to your business.



  • Are You Just a Portland SEO Company?

    No. While we work with many Portland-based clients, and have run many local SEO campaigns, our range extends across the U.S. and even into international markets. Our SEO team has relationships across the globe with influential websites, bloggers and more, and we aren’t limited in the slightest from running an effective SEO campaign beyond our hometown of Portland, OR!

  • How Much Does SEO Cost?

    The technically correct answer is, “it varies.” It varies a lot. If you’ve read our other FAQ on campaign timelines, you’ll see why it’s so hard to paint a broad brush stoke over SEO. However, we will say this. We help a lot of small and medium-sized businesses, and generally find most campaigns falling in the $500 to $2000 per month range. We can handle something slightly less and can definitely ramp up beyond $2,000. It does vary, but we feel we can help you make a good decision based on search volume for your keywords, the value of a lead or customer to your business, and more. We can also look at the equivalent values of a CPC campaign to estimate the worth of the clicks you’ll be getting organically once you secure that high search engine placement.

  • When Will I See Results?

    You will see progress in the first few months. However, many businesses rightly understand that your ranking really only matters if you are near the top of the first page. So if that’s what is meant by “results,” it depends on your budget, timeline, website optimization, your starting position, how many properties (keywords and pages) you want to rank, and how competitive your keywords are. We’ve seen a $500 monthly campaign get results by the second month for a local business in a smaller city. We also know there are times when $5-10,000 per month is par for the course if you are going after an extremely competitive search term or have many different keywords and pages to promote. And even then, it might take over a year to get to the first page. Even though there is such a broad range, we are fully capable of discussing with you and determining if it makes sense to run an SEO campaign and how we could best execute it.

  • What Does an SEO Campaign Entail?

    Search engine optimization can go many different directions. For local businesses, SEO can be all about maximizing NAP (name, address, phone) listings in business directories and adding monthly citations to improve visibility on map listings. Other business simply need to show up on top of Google for their primary search terms through a well-diversified linkbuilding campaign. Content marketing is also a big component of many SEO campaigns, where long-tail keywords and voice search terms can be targeted through a strategic and informative blogging effort (which can also offer re-purposed content for social media and e-mail newsletters!). Depending on your experience and focus on your campaign, we can collaborate with you on specific, targeted elements of your SEO plan, or we can manage all components of your campaign for hands-off success!

  • Do You Outsource Your SEO?

    No. We manage all of campaigns in-house, and work with our team of writers and linkbuilding specialists to maximize your budget each and every month!