SEO Packages

SEO Packages

Bundling your SEO needs through our simple, transparent SEO packages is a proven way to grow your brand’s organic presence.

Affordable “Done for You” SEO Packages that Get Results

SEO is one of the more technical fields of study when it comes to online marketing. Because of this steep and constantly-changing learning curve, it’s often in the best interest of a business to partner with a company dedicated to providing SEO services in order to climb up the search engine results and increase organic traffic, leads and sales.

As SEO can be fairly complex, we’ve found most businesses are looking for a fully-managed, done-for-you service when it comes to SEO. We take on the hard work of strategically building your brand’s trust and authority in the eyes of Google and others, while you can focus more on the high-level impact tracking KPI’s like:

  • Total keywords ranking in the top 100
  • Keyword movement month-over-month
  • Organic traffic coming to your website
  • CTR (click-through rates) and other conversion metrics
  • Overall campaign ROI

Our SEO Packages are set at a variety of price points determined by your business’ specific characteristics, the competitive landscape of the industry, and how aggressively you are looking to move up the ranks. Packages include:

  • Keyword research to identify the best opportunities for your business based on search intent, ranking difficulty, search volume, and other factors
  • Review of existing website rankings and link profile
  • Competitor analysis reviewing website authority, link profiles, and other metrics
  • Website auditing to identify existing strengths and weaknesses
  • Keyword mapping and website architecture review
  • On-site optimization, including comprehensive on-page SEO to align your website with the best opportunities
  • Link-building outreach and management to secure placements on relevant, authoritative websites to boost your own site’s authority
  • Content research, writing, and optimization, in collaboration with your business, to provide SEO-rich articles and blog posts on a consistent basis
  • Full-service, done-for-you management with proven results at affordable price points
  • Simple, transparent monthly reporting
  • Clear, honest communication around your campaign

SEO Packages

A few of our SEO packages are shown below. Keep in mind we’ll usually work with you to build a custom plan for your business, but these SEO packages should give you an idea of what to expect when building your SEO strategy.



Basic Keyword Research, Analysis, Mapping & Planning Module
Basic Website Optimization Module
Basic Authority Linkbuilding Module (1-3 DA 20-40+ Guest Posts or Curated Links)
Advanced Volume Linkbuilding Module (Customized to Support Authority Module)
Content Module (1 x 1,000 word, SEO-friendly blog post)
Simple Monthly Reporting
In-Depth Quarterly Screencast Analysis
Unlimited Support


Advanced Keyword Research, Analysis Mapping and Planning Module
Advanced Website Optimization Module
Advanced Authority Linkbuilding Module (3-5 DA 20-40+ Guest Posts or Curated Links)
Advanced Volume Linkbuilding Module (Customized to Support Authority Module)
Content Module (ex: 2 x 1,000 word, SEO-friendly blog posts)
Simple Monthly Reporting
In-Depth Quarterly Screencast Analysis
Unlimited Support


Comprehensive Keyword Research, Analysis, Mapping and Planning Module
Comprehensive Website Optimization Module
Comprehensive Authority Linkbuilding Module (6-12 DA 20-50+ Guest Posts or Curated Links)
Comprehensive Volume Linkbuilding Module (Customized to Support Authority Module)
Content Module (4 x 1,500 word, SEO-friendly blog posts)
Simple Monthly Reporting
In-Depth Quarterly Screencast Analysis
Unlimited Support

Which plan should I choose?

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-David O., Oswald Insurance

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5 Questions to Ask an SEO Specialist

SEO Packages

  • How long will it take to see results?

    An SEO expert will be able to answer this, but listen for the details in their answer. The typical reply is “Well, SEO takes a while to get going, but usually we start to see results after the first X months.” This isn’t necessarily a bad answer, but it’s a vague question to begin with! We tell clients that you’ll see “results” right away in the sense that our first month of research will bring the entire search landscape for your market in front of you. In the first few months following, you’ll see results in terms of keyword movement, but depending on where you are starting from, that might not yet translate into meaningful website traffic. You get the idea. Make sure you clarify what you mean by “results” and ask for a detailed explanation of how those results are achieved.

  • Will you be outsourcing any or all of my SEO campaign?

    Some SEO specialists simply contract out the work overseas or to other local contractors and don’t really do that much work on a monthly basis. Outsourcing isn’t always bad, as it allows specialists do focus on their particular mastered skill set throughout your campaign. However, it’s a good question to ask to get an idea of who will be doing work on various components of your campaign.

  • Which search terms are the best to target considering my budget and goals?

    A good SEO consultant should be able to weigh keyword difficulty, your starting position (domain authority, content base, existing rankings, etc.), your timeline and your goals and against your monthly or annual budget. A $500/mo budget will likely be insufficient for a small business in a mid-market city if they want to see significant results in the first 6-12 months. Conversely, a $3,000 budget may be overkill for a website in a less-competitive niche that is already enjoying good organic visibility.

  • What success have you had in the past?

    This should be a no-brainer, but it’s easy to get lost in the technical jargon of SEO and forget to discuss the basics. Ask your SEO specialist for specific work examples around keyword ranking improvements over time, organic traffic increases, client retention rates, case studies, and similar kinds of questions to get an all-around feel of how well they perform. This is key, especially once you understand not to compete on price alone.

  • What are the specific tasks you’ll be working on for my business?

    SEO can get technical, and it’s important you vet any SEO specialist before hiring as it’s one of those things that’s easy to claim and hard to deliver. Be careful not to compete on price when hiring an SEO specialist!