Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Our team of digital marketing experts is ready to help your business reach more customers, from individual campaigns up to fully managed digital marketing programs.

Generate new leads and reinforce your brand through effective online marketing.

We are a digital marketing agency that is willing and ready to strategize and implement the best and brightest digital tactics for your business. We focus on running ROI-positive campaigns that turn marketing from an expense into an investment.

We have experience running targeted campaigns, such as a Facebook Ads program or a content marketing plan. We also have the expertise and capability to fully manage your digital marketing strategy so you can stay focused on running and growing your business.


“We are very pleased with the website and marketing that the guys at Midas are doing. The work is professional and effective for our business.”

-Roy G., Pacific Truck Colors

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Growth-Oriented Digital Marketing

We built our company from the ground up, so we understand marketing has to be an investment, not just a line item expense. Our own story, along with the 90+% client retention rate we maintain on our monthly campaigns, should inspire confidence if your company is in need of a trusted digital marketing partner.

  • Team of experts capable of managing campaigns around search, social, PPC, remarketing and more
  • ROI-focused to make sure campaigns are moving your business forward
  • Specialists in strategic thinking to ensure you aren’t just doing digital marketing for the sake of doing it
  • Simple monthly reporting for straightforward campaign evaluation

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a lot of things. Hyperpresent. Confusing. Addictive. It’s a lot of things, but especially one thing: it’s everywhere. We can help you navigate the waters of social reach, engagement, and influence to reach your customers where they’re at. Whether you are trying to build brand loyalty, increase awareness, or make direct sales, we take it all into consideration as we guide your business to social media marketing success.

Lead Generation

For just about every business, lead generation has to be a significant component of their digital marketing program. After all, if you aren’t turning your efforts into a full pipeline of prospects or online orders, it’s hard to justify spending the money. Our team will guide you to success in building funnels, marketing automation, retargeting campains, and everything that else that goes into turning a website browser into a buyer.

Email Marketing

For as volatile as the social marketing world is, email marketing has been like that one friend that’s always there for you when you need them. Simply put, it’s a reliable way to get your message out. We can help you organize your content, pick a winning subject line, create a strong call-to-action, and then measure how many folks are opening and clicking through on your email marketing campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) and other paid advertising campaigns are pretty straightforward in principle. Whether you are running Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or something similar, the concept is the same: Bid for clicks from your target buyers, and convert those clicks into leads and sales. Our digital marketing experts know how to fully manage your campaigns, find additional opportunities, and track results to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck with your pay-per-click advertising budget.

Digital Marketing FAQ’s

Digital Marketing

  • Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency or Go In-House?

    This is one of the most important questions to ask as you move forward on your digital marketing strategy. Hiring an agency comes with several advantages. You get access to a wider range of professional capabilities, which can be more effective than trying to hire a bunch of part-time contractors or employees to handle various marketing tasks. The rates tend to be more expensive, but you don’t have to worry about overhead or management nearly as much. Campaigns are usually structured more around results and deliverables, so even though you are paying a little more, incentives are well-aligned. A good digital agency knows how to operate well in the background, moving your business towards its goals with less management needed on your end.

    With that said, there are plenty of times when it makes sense to hire in house. If you need a marketing presence on-site to regularly interact with staff,  attend events, post Snapchat stories of your business, etc. you’ll want to hire in-house. The best thing to do is spend time reflecting on your business goals as you put together your job description. If you just want to want to generate new leads through Facebook Ads and improve your search engine ranking, an agency could likely be a good route to go. If you want someone post daily worksite pictures on social media and lead weekly staff brainstorming meetings, an in-house hire is probably a better direction for you. If you still aren’t sure, feel free to contact us and we can help you determine the right direction!

  • When Can I Expect to See Results?

    The speed of which we can evaluate results depends on the campaign strategies we deploy and how your business is already positioned online. If you have a new website, no email list or marketing funnel, and you want to run an SEO campaign, it will likely be six months to a year before you start seeing good return on your investment. If you have an existing lead capture strategy and run a Facebook Ads campaign focused on web traffic, you will start seeing results immediately. It very much depends on where your business is starting from, your buyer’s journey, and your business’ goals for both the short and long run. There are a lot of variables to consider but we will work with you to set goals and expectations before we get started.

  • How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

    The cost of your digital marketing campaign depends on a few different variables:

    • Are you just looking to run a specific campaign strategy (like Facebook Ads) or a comprehensive, fully managed program?
    • What is your paid advertising / PPC budget? This can often be fairly significant for established businesses with good marketing funnels in place.
    • What is the size of your business? What is your average customer and transaction value? What is a qualified lead worth to you?

    There are some business that spend $1,500 per month on a comprehensive (although basic) marketing program, and there’s businesses that spend $50,000 per day on Facebook Ads. It all depends on your business, your market and your goals. Since we specialize in serving small and medium-sized businesses, we can say that many of our specific services (social media management, SEO, etc.) range from $500 to $1,500 per month, and fully managed marketing programs run in the $1,500 to $5,000+ range, depending on paid advertising spend levels.

  • How Do You Measure Digital Marketing ROI?

    To evaluate the success of your digital marketing campaign, we will work with you to understand the KPI’s of your business, such as customer lifetime value, average sale amount, conversion rates, etc. From there, we will setup the relevant goals within your analytics platform (often Google Analytics), and then track campaign success end-to-end. Let’s say you’re a residential painting company who closes 50% of your bids, which average $5,000. If your goal is to spend 5% of revenue on marketing, we will work backwards to discover that a qualified lead is worth $2,500 in revenue (50% of $5,000), and that we need to capture that lead for $125 (5% of $2,500). Once we figure out the numbers, we can track ROI with considerable accuracy!

  • What Does a Digital Marketing Campaign Entail?

    A digital marketing campaign can mean many things. We are a digital marketing agency focused on strong systems which generate proven outcomes, so many of our campaigns follow a similar structure. First, we like to make sure we have some marketing funnel in place for each campaign we run. We usually start by working with our clients to create some kind of lead magnet or promotional offer that we can deliver to new website visitors through an opt-in box or landing page(s). From there, we’ll run organic and paid advertising campaigns, often promoting blog content we help produce, to get potential customers to the website and into the marketing funnel. We set up email sequences to nurture new leads into customers for the business. We deliver detailed yet simple monthly reports so you understand month-over-month how your traffic, leads and sales are developing.