Does Content Marketing and Blog Writing Still Work?

Does Content Marketing and Blog Writing Still Work?
August 4, 2017 Midas Blog
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Content marketing is the hottest industry in SEO at the moment.

A lot of SEO companies already jump started their own blogger services to boost SERPs.

And loads of companies do their own content marketing. In fact, a full 94% of small businesses are doing it and 93% of B2Bs.

But the question that’s on everyone’s mind is “Is Content Marketing and Blog Writing Effective?”

This is the question we aim to answer today. And we hope you’ll come away inspired.

Why Are You Asking About Content Marketing And Blog Writing?

One of the first questions we learn in life is “why?” And it’s a great question.

But have you asked yourself, why you’re asking about the effectiveness of content marketing?

If you’re asking, it’s probably because it’s not been as effective for you as you thought. Did we nail it?

But the evidence we see right now is that businesses still agree: content marketing is still effective.

So why then are you not seeing results?

There are a few reasons. And there may be a few places you might shore up in your approach.

Promotion Is Queen

You can’t do nothing with your content once you create and post it. Once it’s up on the web, it has to actually connect to the rest of the web. And that happens through promotion.

This is the difference between mere blog writing and content marketing. The former is just great words with a few links. The latter is a content promotion strategy.

It’s a two-step process: create content, promote content.

You have to balance the two.

If you’re not seeing results, it’s probably because you’re focusing too much on one or the other. And you’ve probably let the promotion slip because that’s the hardest part sometimes.

Where do you promote your blog writing?

Social media is a great place to start. Places like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. And email newsletters, LinkedIn profiles, and guest posts and mentions on other websites.

If you aren’t promoting, get promoting.

Your Content Is Rotten

You may have the absolute opposite problem. You might spend all your time and money on promotion and nothing on creating great content.

If your content is horrible, you’re wasting all your money on the promotion side.

The point of quality usable content is organic promotion. People will only share information they enjoy and find useful.

If they find thin or boring or useless content, they move on.

So, what can you do to make blog writing more effective for content marketing? Hire a better writer. And then make sure they understand your niche or industry well.

Remember, the content has to be useful as well as quality.

Hire A Digital Marketing Team

If you haven’t already, hire a team to help fine-tune your content marketing strategy.

Sometimes all you need to make your content marketing strategy take off is an extra set of eyes. The expertise of a company who’s primary work is content marketing will increase your ROI ten-fold or more.

So, check out our portfolio and see how we can turn your business into gold.


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