Inbound Marketing in Portland for Your Oregon Business

Inbound Marketing in Portland for Your Oregon Business
May 24, 2016 Midas Blog
inbound marketing portland

Portland, OR Inbound Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important exercises for any business. From the Fortune 500 companies to young start-ups, every business engages in different kinds of marketing strategies. In the digital age where the Internet has turned into the biggest and most powerful marketing platform, every business is taking active interest in Inbound Marketing, where customers are attracted to your products and services rather than being bombarded with your outbound marketing messages. With the culture in a city like Portland, OR, where we are based, Inbound marketing holds an even greater opportunity than other cities. Here are a few of the reasons why engaging in Inbound marketing in Portland can boost your business’ success.

Why Portland?

The Changing Mindset

There has been a significant change in the mindset of our youth. “Hipsters” don’t like the idea of being sold to, and in the past, this was the aim of all marketing campaigns. The younger generations prefer instead to search for things they might want to buy and make informed decisions on their own. From reviews to alternate options, they are very good at understanding if a product or service is reputable independently of what the business itself may claim. Aggressive marketing campaigns with over-the-top messaging are often counterproductive and can leave young people with a negative experience of your brand. Inbound marketing in Portland communities is effective as it enables these younger markets to find your business on their terms.

inbound marketing portland

Portland has plenty of opportunities for businesses looking to engage younger consumers — but you have to reach them effectively by offering great content for them to discover on their terms.

Creating Large Pool of Leads

Once your business is discovered through the inbound methodology, you have a chance to offer a PDF, discount code or other sort of promotion to the potential customer. This cements your brand a bit deeper in the mind of the visitor and enables your business to capture their email, phone and other information as a lead. Many young people in Portland understand their contact info is currency, and will happily exchange it for something of value that your business has to offer. In the old days, it was all about sales as relationships weren’t really developed and managed through the traditional advertising process. Now, smart business using Inbound marketing in Portland are understanding they can position themselves well for the long-run by capturing leads and automating the marketing process for cultivating those leads through email drips, social media engagement, and more.

Analytics & Scope for Improvement

Last but not least, Inbound marketing strategy captures crucial data points that enable you to scale and grow your business the right way. Rather than just measuring revenue, you are now capturing organic website traffic, conversion rates for visitors turning into leads and then for leads turning into customers, and overall value of your marketing efforts. If you set up your analytics platform the right way, you’ll be able to tell exactly how many web visitors turn into customers, what they are buying, how often they are buying it, and how often they are sharing their experience with their friends over social media. Once you get a handle on data like this, you are able to continue building your marketing plan in a way sure to bring you great results for the long run.


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