Inbound Marketing for B2B Companies

Inbound Marketing for B2B Companies
May 24, 2016 Midas Blog
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Inbound Marketing for B2B Companies

The B2B world is often very familiar with bigger invoices and a more considered buying process. These principles make the industry a great fit for Inbound marketing. Inbound marketing for B2B companies offers many benefits over outbound marketing strategies, including the three highlighted in this article.

High-priced purchases are well researched, giving your business an opportunity to shine with good content.

Most of the B2B businesses are in the high price product/service spectrum, where buyers usually do a bit of homework before investing their money. For instance, if you were selling industrial products the business looking to purchase these products would consider all the specifications of your products. They would research to understand the features of your product, your asking price and your warranty. A well-strategized inbound campaign would help you increase your online visibility and improve your odds of being found when potential customers are carrying out product research before buying them. If a potential customer finds your site first after an online search, they will instantly connect your brand with trust and thought leadership. Offering them a content piece as a free download in exchange for their basic contact information is a good way to start moving them along the Inbound marketing sales funnel.

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B2B purchasing decisions are generally more considered, meaning it’s less likely you will interrupt someone to close a deal on a whim, and more common that you’ll win a good lead by attracting interest with great content.

Engage pre-qualified leads with strategic content marketing.

Inbound marketing is all about having your customers find you, rather than the other way around. This is accomplished by creating valuable content that is then distributed through social media and discovered through online search. If done right, you are able to build your content strategy around the unique product or service your business offers. With Inbound marketing, every lead is pre-qualified in a sense, as they found you based on what your business can do for them. Make sure you leverage this strategy to tell your authentic brand story, and you’ll see conversion rates soar.

Improves Trust & Credibility

Marketing is as much about delivering the right message as it is about understanding the psychology of the target audience. Outbound marketing has lost its credibility as you are usually trying to push a product or a service that the customer may not be interested in. On the other hand, Inbound marketing is driven by the buyer. They would visit your page or social media accounts because they have chosen to do so and haven’t been forced to listen to your marketing pitch. They are equally as enthusiastic about your products or services as you are about selling it to them. Through this process, Inbound marketing improves trust and credibility for any B2B business. This is why we believe Inbound marketing for B2B companies can be so effective!



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