High Converting B2B Websites: 6 Key Strategies

High Converting B2B Websites: 6 Key Strategies
March 14, 2016 Midas Blog
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How To Design and Build High Converting B2B Websites

If creating a high converting website is tough, creating one for the B2B ecosystem is tougher. Unlike the average website, your target audience is smaller in the case of B2B websites, meaning the competition is intense. B2B transactions are also often higher in revenue and a more considered process, so A+ strategy is a must. A good digital marketing company would design and optimize a website to establish maximum traction with your potential clients, but often the B2B nuances are ignored and the website is put through the agency’s typical funnel for web builds. Going against the grain, here is a comprehensive guide towards creating high converting B2B websites.

  • Focus on The Design – The look and feel of your website conveys a lot about who you are. Your visitors will immediately make an impression about your brand browsing through the business. The design should be contemporary and mobile friendly to attract maximum attention. Images, graphics, ease of navigation, good color scheme and call-to-actions are some of the important elements of the website that you should focus on. Even if the website isn’t selling directly, a bad first impression might end up losing a $50,000 potential account. A good website design shows you are serious about excellence in all facets of your company.
  • Highlight Your USP – Why should your client do business with you? What is it that separates you from your competitors? Highlighting your USP is one of the best ways of increasing conversions in a B2B website. Whether it is though infographics or appealing content (such as a good blogging strategy), you should strategically educate your clients of the value you would add to their business.
  • Be Discoverable – It is important to be found when your potential customers are looking for you. SEO becomes a very important part of your digital marketing campaign. The challenge magnifies as you won’t gain from traffic itself, unless it is targeted and qualified. A seasoned campaigner would then focus on generating the right leads that have higher conversion value. If you have good relationships with key clients, discuss the key ideas or problems that led them to your business, then apply that to your on-site SEO plan.
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If someone is looking for you, make sure they don’t come up empty!


  • Keep Clients Updated – In the B2B world, someone is always looking to grab a part of your market share, so you should constantly keep your existing clients updated with your latest product and service offerings. Sending them newsletters or employing print marketing techniques is rewarding as this helps in keeping your relationship warm, not yielding space to rivals.
  • Leave No Room for Confusion – Every bit of information mentioned on the website right from your Contact Us page to your Products and Services should be specific. Leave no room for confusion and ambiguity as these often portray you in front of your clients in poor light and lead to loss of business opportunity. All high converting B2B websites make the offering clear in order to attract high quality leads.
  • Analyze Your Website – It is important for every business to aware of the KPIs (key performance indicators). There are number of freely available analytics tool such as Google Analytics and KISS Metrics that offer you deep insights into your website and resort to informed measures that help rise up on the value chain. If you know your average customer value, and your conversion rates, you can set up reports that show how well your website is performing based on leads generated. If you track where visitors are coming from, you can know exactly where to invest your marketing dollars!

These are some of the winning formulas that have yielded great results for high converting B2B websites, and if applied will pay rich dividends to your business as well.


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