World Thirst

World Thirst

Our experience with Midas Marketing has been nothing short of exceptional.  The process of developing a website can be intimidating at times, but with Midas they put to rest any concerns by listening carefully, implementing efficiently, and anticipating our desires as they quickly grew in their understanding of our vision.  In addition to all this, they’re a fun group to work with.

Luke Pinneo, Founder


Brand Development

Founder Luke Pinneo knew he wanted to see a world with more effective, sustainable solutions for the water crisis plaguing the developing world. Meeting him where he was at, we worked under his leadership to establish the name, color palette, voice, logo and much more during the creation of World Thirst. Luke has a very focused vision and a limited budget, so we had to be very careful to listen well in order to avoid much backtracking and wheel-spinning.






Web Development

We needed to keep things simple but professional to launch World Thirst without breaking the bank. We came up with a single page site incorporating all the critical content to launch effectively. The key was not overdoing things, because that would open up a firestorm of billable hours. Our pride with this project was working intelligently within the ecosystem of the vision and delivering a great website in just over 20 hours of work.





Our favorite part of this project was working with a concept like World Thirst. This “business as mission” mindset enabled us to integrate our ideas in both a sustainable and meaningful way, mirroring the direction of World Thirst as a socially conscious, for-profit venture. It’s one thing to work with excellence; it’s another things to work with meaning and intention. With World Thirst, we had the honor of doing both. By following our company philosophy of bringing transparent, affordable, high-quality work into the world, we’re able to take on high-impact projects like this one.


The Result

World Thirst has gone from a concept to a full-fledged business in a little over a month of build time, and is working fast to close several five-figure projects in the coming year, one of which has already been fully funded.