Morones Analytics

Morones Analytics

“We love our new website. It’s simple and clean, and that’s exactly what our clients want.”

Serena Morones, Owner

Responsive Website Design

Morones Analytics has a very precise style and voice that needed to be accurately portrayed on their website due to the nature of their work. Their business thrives by showcasing the credibility and talent of their staff, so significant attention was given to the staff pages, from design to content to site architecture and visitor flow. Overall, we ended up with a final product that accurately and confidently portrayed the unique team of financial sharpshooters that make up Morones Analytics.

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Printed Mailer Design

Staying top of mind among their corporate law clientele is a must for Morones Analytics. And what better way to deliver a key touchpoint than to leverage the new design and photography from the website? Mailers were designed, printed and sent to key clients and prospects, taking the marketing effort beyond just the world of digital.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Keeping with the theme of high-quality, unique content, the digital marketing program was built to follow suit. An SEO campaign was launched targeting primary keywords, with long tail keywords being supported with high domain authority linkbuilding around expert articles authored by the staff. A basic paid marketing effort props up content even more on Facebook and Linkedin. For a client where content truly is king, we are devoted to giving as much visibility as possible to the world-class thought leadership coming out of Morones Analytics.


The Result

A brand looking to expand its northwest market to a national level, Morones Analytics has the building blocks in place to achieve that. Their website looks and feels as sharp as their national competitors, and we are moving full speed ahead with a content-driven marketing strategy that won’t just bring significant degrees of both visibility and credibility to their firm.