OTTIS Insurance

Ottis Taxi Insurance

“I am highly impressed with the value I received by working with Midas Marketing. They built out a great website and got me ranked at or near the top of the search engines for my primary keywords using a great SEO strategy.”

– Dave Oswald, Owner


Logo Redesign

It had been nearly 15 years since the last time their logo was modified, and a lot had changed since then. For starters, they were referred to as “OTTIS” instead of “Oswald Taxi and Transportation Insurance Services” (for good reason!) and they wanted the brand to more accurately represent their company. We designed a clean and simple logo, upgraded the color palette and tied in the classic taxi checkerboard.







Website Redesign

We recognized a pretty strong opportunity to rank well for keywords associated with taxi insurance and the corresponding states in which OTTIS operates. By making unique landing pages for each state, and pairing it with a strong backlinking strategy, we’ve been able to land Page 1 rankings for every state we’ve targeted. Our monthly reporting leverages the Google Analytics goal mentioned above, so we can even directly calculate how much revenue is being driven through organic search traffic.

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We wanted the OTTIS website to easily convert visitors into leads, without being too “sales-y” as insurance websites all too often exude this feeling. We were conversion-minded but also built the site with a integrity. The website also had to provide a place for existing clients to add new drivers, upload documents, and more, without disturbing the experience of new visitors. The client really liked the idea of his website serving as an employee, so we learned his average account lifetime value and his average conversion rates and set up a Google Analytics goal based on those metrics. Now, he can easily evaluate how well the website was performing on its own and when coupled with digital or even analog marketing efforts.


The Result

OTTIS now has a strong identity and website that looks good and gets the job done. By taking the time to understand what makes OTTIS tick, we’ve been able to set up Google goals to track and analyze the performance of the website and its campaigns, empowering us to know exactly what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.