Working with a Facebook Ads Consultant to Maximize ROI

Working with a Facebook Ads Consultant to Maximize ROI
November 17, 2015 Midas Blog
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Should You Hire a Facebook Ads Consultant?

Facebook, the world’s most widely used social network with over 1.4 billion regular users, is by far the most potent social marketing medium today with both small and large businesses utilizing the platform to advertise their products, build a brand, and engage their clients. Beyond just the organic appeal, Facebook has put in place a paid advertising platform that over 2 million businesses use regularly. As the social network grows, more and more businesses are finding success by leveraging its capability to narrow down an ad’s target audience to achieve specific goals.

Working with a Facebook Ads consultant can help your business stay streamlined as you navigate the ever-changing waters of Facebook advertising. A Facebook Ads specialist will ensure your advertising dollars are well spent.

Who uses Facebook?

Unlike other social networks that have a specific user profile, Facebook is used by people of almost any age, social class, and nationality. The minimum age restriction for Facebook is 13, and the vast majority of its users fall between ages 18 and 29.  With such diverse user groups, it is obvious that Facebook is an ideal marketing platform for any business as there is a myriad of potential clients and buyers.

Why is Facebook Ad marketing so effective?

Despite what you may have read years ago, Facebook ads really do work. This form of marketing presents a number of great benefits worth discovering. The top 5 reasons to use Facebook ads are:

1. Improved customer targeting

People post a lot of personal information on Facebook—from their birthdays and relationship statuses to where they spend their holidays and which products they prefer. Facebook allows marketers to target customers based on such specific details, meaning that you will be pitching your products to a focused group of people who are truly interested.

2. Ad testing

One of the top features of Facebook ads is that businesses can test their ads before publishing them. When you advertise on Facebook, you can create two different ads and discover which one reaches a greater audience. This is a valuable tool that eager entrepreneurs can use to test out their campaigns and only pay for those that promise greater returns.

3. It’s mobile-friendly

More people use Facebook on their phones than on the desktop computer. This means that advertising on Facebook is an excellent way to reach potential customers while they are out and about, and when they are home, without paying extra and without the hassle of coming up with a mobile marketing campaign.

4. Ad rotation

People get fed up pretty quickly with seeing the same ad over and over; it’s therefore necessary to release several different ads to keep them interesting and unique. With Facebook Ads, you can change your ad image every few days if you wish, without creating a new ad or campaign from scratch and without investing more money to revitalize your campaign.

5. It’s cost-effective

You would be surprised how much traffic you can generate with just $1 spent on a Facebook ad. When compared with every other advertising platform out there, Facebook Ads is an ideal marketing tool that businesses can use to generate more sales leads, increase brand recognition, and reach a greater audience without breaking the bank.

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A great Facebook ad isn’t quite as good as a money button, but it’s pretty close!

How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook

There are three ways to market your business or products on Facebook to a local audience: through Pages, Groups, and Ads. Advertising through Ads is the best, most efficient, and fastest way for businesses that want greater exposure. When you incorporate Facebook Ads to your online marketing campaign, you can direct visitors to your business page or events on Facebook or an external site such as an e-commerce site, blog, website, or even an app.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Ads account

Creating a Facebook page for the purpose of advertising is optional, but highly recommended. A personal account would be sufficient, but it makes it difficult for users to connect with you on the network. Create a page in one of the six categories depending on the nature of your business or idea.

You will also need to write a short description of your new page, upload a profile picture and select your preferred page audience in the next steps of creating the page.

Step 2: Create your Ad

Click on the drop down menu next to the Home button to create a new ad.

Step 3: Choose an objective of the Ad Campaign

Select the most appropriate objective that your campaign is trying to achieve from the options presented in the next screen. Do you want clicks to your website? App downloads? Likes and comments? Set your focus here.

Step 4: Set up your Ad Campaign

Next, set up your campaign by entering your account information such as currency, time zone, country, and languages. Facebook will prompt you to choose your target audience by: age, gender, languages, workplace, location, connections, education, interests, and relationship status. The one category you will need to focus on is “interests” because when used properly, it is a powerful tool to achieving your results. For example, if you are promoting a road race, you can target local runners who have indicated on Facebook that running is something they enjoy.

In the next screen, you will set your budget, adjusting your figure based on the estimated number of people who the ad will reach, and optimize the ad in four ways: link clicks to website/pay per impressions, pricing, ad scheduling, and delivery type. You can also choose whether to run your ad continuously or within a schedule.

Step 4: Design your Ad

In this final part, you can design your ad by choosing the images to show, the texts to display and ad actions. You can also choose how the ad is displayed—on mobile news feed, desktop news feed, and desktop right column.

Step 5: Track your Ad progress

When your ad is published, Facebook’s Ad Manager will allow you to track the ad’s performance, showing you all the important data including impressions, reach, post and page engagement, purchases, likes, unique clicks, video views etc. Congrats! You just ran a great Facebook ad for your business.

Summary: Maximizing ROI with a Facebook Ads Consultant

Getting used to Facebook Ads may take some time, but it is completely worth investing the effort to learn and use it. If Facebook Ad marketing is not part of your online marketing campaign, you could be missing some big opportunities, especially if you have an optimized, responsive website to drive traffic and generate leads from your Facebook campaign.

Hiring a Facebook Ads consultant is a great idea to get maximize your budget. Click here to get a free quote!


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