Web Development Services: 10 Winning Reasons to Hire the Pros

Web Development Services: 10 Winning Reasons to Hire the Pros
September 25, 2015 Midas Blog
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Hiring Out Web Development Services

Recently, a friend was lamenting his need for his business’ website look more professional and be more user friendly for his clients, but didn’t know where to start. For years he had been developing a list of improvements he wanted, but felt that his business couldn’t afford a dedicated staff member to lead the charge. As a result, years had gone by and his business still had the tired, boring website that was undoubtedly driving away more traffic than it was attracting.

As he continued to pour out his website woes we asked him the following question – why not contract out the website job to an agency who could take care of it? He looked confused, and then intrigued. From this conversation, we developed a list of 10 reasons to outsource your next website redesign with web development services.

10 Reasons Web Development Services are Worth the Investment

Save money

When you hire a web design agency you are bringing on teammates who don’t require benefits, overtime, commissions or full-time salaries. Independent contractors will bill you hourly or a flat rate for the project. No frills. No fuss. Do the job, pay the money. Period.

Access to a wider range of skills

Most businesses have an IT person on staff who indirectly handles your business’ website but in today’s world of rapidly-changing technology, you want the person running your website to be devoted to staying up to date on the latest trends in web design and online marketing. Agencies do this so don’t have to. 

Access to a team

For a successful website redesign you will need the input of an online marketer, graphic designer, web developer, copywriter and project manager. If you have a great web developer, your site will work but it won’t look great. If you have a great online marketer but a bad copywriter, your site will get traffic but won’t make money. It takes all types of skills to build a profitable, professional website.

Time flexibility

Have a small project you need done? Hire someone short-term. Got a bigger project to do? Hire someone long-term. No job is too big or too small, you get to call the shots on how long you need someone for. No minimum hours expectations = freedom for you.

No need to buy new software or equipment

When it comes to a website redesign, it is very common to want your site to be cooler, faster and more user friendly. In most cases these changes will require that your in-house web design team buy new tools to get the job done. With a third party contractor for your web design services, you can choose someone who already has the tools you need instead of going out and buying them yourself.

Firing for poor performance is much simpler

Unlike the process of firing an employee, firing a contractor is simpler. If you like their work you keep them on, if you don’t like their work you let them go. There are usually no long term contracts and it is common practice to explain that whether you use them again will be based on their results with the current project. If they want the repeat business, they have to earn it.

Less office drama

Contractors don’t care who gets the credit – they pride themselves in getting the job done, getting paid and building their portfolio. You get great results without having to think about whether or not your employee is discouraged because they weren’t properly recognized for the great website work they did.

Your employees will be more productive

Because you won’t be pulling your current staff away from their existing responsibilities to work on website-related tasks, they will be able to stay focused on their core revenue generating activities. Your business will consistently get more done more quickly with less distractions and less stress.

Enjoy a fresh approach

Because a web development services provider doesn’t work inside your organization, they often have new, creative ideas for how to present your business online — ideas that someone on your internal team may not have previously considered. Great thoughts at no extra charge!

Less volatility due to staff turnover

When an employee leaves to another company, the project they were working on comes to a grinding halt with no one left to pick up the pieces. With a 3rd party company there are usually multiple people ready and willing to pick up where a contractor left off if they had to leave the project for any reason.

Grow Your Business with Proven Web Development Services

For years Midas Marketing has been serving clients in the Portland, OR area and beyond. If you’re still unsure about whether or not to outsource your web-based project, we’d be more than happy to have a one-to-one phone call and answer all of your questions. If this post makes sense to you and you’re ready to get started, click here to fill in the information about your project and we’ll get right back to you. 



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