5 Ways Responsive Website Design Companies Help Your Succeed

5 Ways Responsive Website Design Companies Help Your Succeed
June 9, 2015 Midas Blog
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5 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When Working with Responsive Website Design Companies

You’ve probably heard at least a little bit about the idea of a responsive website (if you haven’t, click here). Updating your website might make you want to run into a brick wall, but here are 5 reasons why biting the bullet sooner rather than later will seriously benefit your business.

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Recent changes to the major search engine algorithms have allocated better placement in search results to websites that are mobile-friendly. In a world where roughly 60% of all traffic comes from organic search, and conversion rates from these searches are significantly higher than other sources, it’s easy to see why SEO is very important for your business. Building a responsive website is a strong step to achieving a high ranking.

2) Less Headache

If you have a responsive website, you don’t have to worry about maintaining different versions of your website for different screen sizes. Responsive websites automatically adjust to display content properly, no matter if you are on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

3) We’re Trending Mobile

Mobile traffic keeps going higher and higher, and 2014 marked the first year that mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic as a whole. The trend will likely level out at some point, but mobile is here to stay for the foreseeable future. If your website isn’t responsive, it does not represent your company as innovative and forward-thinking.

4) Peer Pressure

This one might sound funny, but it’s true. Psychology has taught us that over time, luxuries become expectations. As other companies build responsiveness into their web strategy, those who ignore it will be left behind for good. Love it or hate it, a smooth mobile experience is becoming the standard, and not providing that for potential customers could leave them with a very bad taste in their mouth.

5) Social Conversion

Social media is a wonderful, growing tool for businesses to engage directly with their fans and followers. But many business owners often struggle with the ROI monster. It’s great to get likes, but it’s better to get sales. A responsive website means you can actually market your services, online store, etc. to your customers through social media. If you have a responsive website that looks great on a phone, you will have much lower drop-off rates once a Facebook fan clicks that link to buy your latest product.

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