Linkedin Marketing Solutions: Making LinkedIn Work For Business Growth

Linkedin Marketing Solutions: Making LinkedIn Work For Business Growth
November 11, 2015 Midas Blog
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Linkedin Marketing Solutions for Businesses

In the past decade, the whole world has felt more connected than ever. No, it was not a spiritual awakening or a revolution resulting from some big, corporate trend, but rather an internet-based idea that enabled people to be online and connect with old classmates, colleagues, distant relatives and other people who had the same hobbies or passions. Social media truly changed the way people integrated the internet into their lives. However, there was a problem. Soon, it became more of a distraction than time well spent. And then the inevitable happened—necessity became the mother of invention.

It’s interesting to note the shift that happened recently—people went from using a social media platform to have more meaningful conversations and relationships to cellophane ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ that happen for every weird photo, along with status updates featuring gems like: ‘combed my hair’ or ‘took my dog for a walk.’

Social networking has leveraged the concept of connecting with new people to a completely new height, but it may not be a productive or a value-added activity when it comes to business. This is where Linkedin jumped in to provide a more coherent, useful environment for businesses and professionals across industries and verticals.

Linkedin’s performance overview

Initially, Linkedin was not that popular with the young generation because it was only about tools, methods, strategies, thought leadership and industry trends. But soon, it won over the hearts of many because of the value it brought to businesses. Recruiting and hiring was the biggest gain since it connected professionals to businesses—companies could source candidates right from the platform and go on to hire them if they were a good fit.

B2B marketing was waiting next—it hit big and at the time we’re writing this, Linkedin produces the highest number of leads from social media for businesses. No doubt, digital marketers pounced on this platform like a pack of hungry wolves and suddenly it became one of the most effective social media platforms, beating Facebook and Twitter in this segment.

Filtration is clear now

Among the big three social networks, Facebook is more for family drama and college-level mischief, though it still plays a productive role for media companies. Twitter has become more of a trending discussion platform with sharp commenting on news and updates. But Linkedin has become the platform where business, productivity, worth, and transactions happen. Right from the top management to junior-most employees, Linkedin is their outlet to showcase their talents and learn from others with a professional focus.

Linkedin is the social network that shows up at the party in a suit and tie!

Linkedin is the social network that shows up at the party in a suit and tie!

How to Grow with Effective Linkedin Marketing

Let’s dive a little deeper into how Linkedin can help your business:

  1. Company pages

Apart from personal profiles of professionals, Linkedin enables you to build company pages, which can be used for various functions by the business. You can build a following on this page and engage directly with your audience, announce latest developments, product launches, promotional offers, and anything else well-suited for this professionally-minded “fan page.”

  1. Generate new leads

As the preferred social media channels by professionals, you are actually in a marketplace where you can showcase your expertise and generate leads. You can use groups, discussions and directly network with potential clients. If you have a budget for marketing, you can buy sponsored updates and banner advertisements too. For the brave, you can also engage in cold prospecting with the potential clients through Linkedin using your existing network or by sending InMail.

  1. Find talent

As mentioned above, recruiting and hiring was one of the major problems solved by Linkedin. Young graduates and experienced campaigners alike surf this platform, and you can post job listings and directly connect with potential employees for your business. Prospective employees have the ability to apply through Linkedin and you can check their resume right from their profiles.

  1. Build your brand

Linkedin is fast becoming an industry update hub. Companies like to demonstrate their expertise with whitepapers, seminars, webinars and research papers by publishing them on Pulse (a blogging platform integrated within Linkedin), and also through SlideShare (A platform to share presentations, owned by Linkedin). Similarly, you can become a thought leader in your own area of expertise if you can provide content and build a loyal group of readers through Linkedin through your content marketing strategy.

  1. Competition watchdog

More often than not, your competitors will also be leveraging LinkedIn for their businesses. You can keep an eye on what’s happening with them and can improve your own business strategy. Additionally, you may as well learn from other experts who happily share their advice here.

Wrapping Up: Linkedin Marketing Solutions

Though social media started more personal than professional, it has come a long way—if you are a business owner, you can’t afford to ignore Linkedin any longer. Use it effectively and you can build your brand, generate leads and close deals through LinkedIn.


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