How to Promote a New Website: 5 Winning Strategies

How to Promote a New Website: 5 Winning Strategies
March 14, 2016 Midas Blog
How to promote a new website

How to Promote a New Website: Getting Started

You may have already read our guide on driving traffic to your website, but what if your website is brand new? Modern businesses are driven by technology and a website plays a pivotal role in your digital marketing efforts. While every business craves website hits, very few know the secret formula for success. Small businesses and start-ups with their small marketing budget often struggle to attract potential customers to their website. How do you create awareness? How do you turn your website into the most potent marketing tool? If you have just launched or are still building, here are some of the things you need to consider when driving traffic to a new website.

  • Know Your Audience – There are close to 3.2 billion active Internet users around the world. While your site is accessible to all, you need to know whom you want to target. Whether you are engaging a professional agency for your marketing campaign or plan to adopt the DIY route, you need to know your audience and there should be no ambiguity here. You can identify your customers based on their age, sex, location, social habits, spending prowess, and so much more. Knowing your buyer persona is crucial to the success of any business. Intimately understanding your target market is a must in order to design a campaign to attract the right kind of visitors as you begin driving traffic to a new website.
  • Quality Over Quantity – Many businesses see lots of traffic to their website without being able to monetize it. If you aren’t a news or publishing website, you should aim for quality rather than quantity. For instance if you sell used cars in New York, attracting a user who is looking for similar services in Europe wouldn’t add value to your marketing efforts. Qualified traffic increases your conversion rate and helps you increase your sales and profits. To do this, don’t be afraid to be specific and clear about what your business offers and how it stands out from the competition. This will help you carve out your space online and start building traffic through long-tail keyword searches.
driving traffic to a new website

If you are a nanny, but are showing up in the search engines for all searches related to “childcare,” you may want to build your content strategy around the term “nanny” specifically so you don’t get untargeted leads looking for day care service.


  • Target Organic Search – Most of your target audience may not be aware of your brand name. In such circumstances, the only real way to attract them to your website without paid advertising is via organic search. You need to identify the generic keywords and key phrases used by your audience and optimize your site around these. Target keywords which have high search volume and yet are low in competition as this increases your chances of success manifold. Search online for “keyword tools” and “traffic estimators” and you’ll be on your way.
  • Be Creative – Considering the numbers of live websites, you are up against odds. To take down the competition, you should be creative with your marketing campaign. It all starts with designing a website that captures the immediate attention of its visitors. From the design to the color scheme, focus on exclusivity and pick a style that conveys your message convincingly. The content should be crisp and conversational to build authentic interest in your brand.
  • Start with a Bang – If you have a following already, consider offering a sale or promotion of some sort for the first 3 months after your website launches. This will lead your existing tribe to your website and will engage them on a digital level also.

Keeping these things in mind will have you well on your way to promoting your new website. Contact us to learn how we can help!


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