The Process of Building High Converting Websites

The Process of Building High Converting Websites
March 14, 2016 Midas Blog
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How to Build High Converting Websites

Let’s put things straight right away: every business aspires for a high converting website but only a few are able to reach their goal. With more than a billion websites trying to attract 3.8 billion Internet users, the challenge is pretty steep. So how do you create that inspiring website that attracts tons of traffic and helps you drive in sales and revenue? While it may seem an uphill task given the competition you are up against, it isn’t insurmountable if you get the fundamentals right. Once you start getting traffic, it’s time to nail the essentials behind a high converting website.

  • Killer Design – Ever heard of the phrase “first impression is the last impression?” It aptly applies to web designing. An average user would spend less than 3 seconds on a website before switching over to another, so you need to catch their attention within this short time span. The design should be unique and aesthetically pleasing in order to immediately strike a chord with the visitor. Stress on a mobile friendly design as majority of your users would visit on their smartphone and tablets. Make use of motivating graphics and images to vibrantly convey your message effectively.
  • Optimize The Website – Search Engine Optimization is one of the essential ingredients of a high converting website. It acts as a hook for users who are browsing for information on products and services similar to yours. Working with SEO strategists to research on high potential keywords and then following up with a good SEO strategy can drive in tons of traffic to your website. If you are a local business, local SEO plays a key role in bringing in qualified traffic to the landing pages and helps you rise up in the SERP rankings. A well-optimized strategy is especially an important piece of the puzzle for B2B websites.
  • Captivating Content – Often ignored, content is vital both for engaging your users as well as the search engines. The content should be crisp and should deliver your message to the audience. Use humor and anecdotes to make the content conversational as this will help in speaking to the right emotions in the mind of the users. Content should immediately convey the value proposition that your products or services would offer them. Publishing regular blogs also allows you to interact with your target users and also ensures better engagement with the search engine crawlers.
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Make sure you pair strong imagery with your content. If you are a massage therapist, consider using the serenity that water evokes to drive home content about the calming benefits of massage.


  • Call To Actions – Call to actions have helped businesses increase their online revenue and other forms of conversion by as much as 150%. Once your design and content have inspired the right desire in the minds of the audience you need to guide them towards their next set of actions. The last thing you want to do is make it difficult for someone once they are ready to buy from you!
  • Analytics – Paying attention to data is often the cornerstone tool that high converting websites use very well. Google Analytics can show you visitor behavior flow, exit pages, entrance pages, time spent on each page, and so much more. Other applications like heat maps can even measure where a user’s mouse hovers on the screen. Make sure that analytics are a very considered element of your website strategy.

High Converting Websites Grow Businesses!

High converting websites have used these techniques for years to stay ahead of their rivals.

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