How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Adwords

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Adwords
May 9, 2016 Midas Blog
drive traffic with google adwords

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Adwords

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, Google AdWords offers businesses a great opportunity to increase exposure, develop leads and drive sales. However, your campaign needs to be paired with an effective, focused strategy or you will quickly burn through your marketing budget without seeing any results. Here are a few tips that will help you drive traffic to your website effectively using Google Adwords

Start With A Good Budget
There is a tendency among small businesses and start-ups to go in with a limited budget to try their hand with Google AdWords. While financial limitations are very real, we recommend not diving into Adwords until you can afford to spend enough money to learn what works for your business, and what doesn’t. Spending $100 and hoping for the best usually doesn’t work out too well as you have just begun to explore your niche opportunities. Investing $250-$500 over three months and tweaking your campaigns each week is a different story. A good start-up spend depends entirely on the nature of your business, but just make sure you know your numbers (value of a good lead for your business, LTV of a customer, etc.) before you start spending too much.

Focus on the Ad
Google Ads doesn’t give you much space to write the copy associated with your ad. You need to be punctual and enticing. Checking out a list of the most powerful marketing words is a good idea before you start writing your ad copy. Also consider the landing page for your ad—do you just want to drive traffic generally to your homepage, or can you segment your ads for your different customer types and send them each to a more specific, valuable section of your website? Do you have a PDF or an eBook they can download to learn more about your products and services, enabling you to capture them as a lead even if they don’t buy right away?

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When it comes to writing copy, use strong, powerful words that will make your ad stand out and inspire viewers to click.


Broaden Your Keywords
Most businesses that are starting out with Google AdWords often face a tough dilemma. If they choose exact keywords they’d like to target, they tend to see little traffic due to low search volume. But bidding on more generic keywords often drives irrelevant traffic, which doesn’t help either. To solve this challenge, there’s no easy fix. You just have to experiment with both short and long-tail keywords until you find the right mix of traffic.

Targeting Larger Geographical Area
All good Google Ads should focus on a geography where your potential customers are. If you are an online retailer, try running ads in areas of the country where you have the greatest brand recognition, need for your product, or some other differentiating factors. If you’re a local business, spend a good amount of time considering your local range of customers. For instance, if you are a florist your customer pool may be restricted to five square miles, but if you customize vehicles you may attract customers up to 50 miles away.

These are few things that can go a long way to drive traffic to your website with Adwords and help you generate highly qualified leads to convert into sales!


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