WordPress Website Design in Portland: 4 Great Examples

WordPress Website Design in Portland: 4 Great Examples
May 7, 2016 Midas Blog
wordpress website design in portland

WordPress Website Design in Portland: 4 PDX brands that are looking great on WordPress!

In today’s digital world, most businesses prefer WordPress as their content management system. The system you choose is basically the platform on which your website is built, and the ease of use and scalability of WordPress makes it perfect for almost all genres of business websites. From online stores to B2B websites, there are countless possibilities with WordPress, both in terms of design and functionality. Below we wanted to briefly highlight four recent examples of WordPress website design in Portland for local businesses.

#1 ZenPro
ZenPro, which offers corporate chair massage therapies to businesses of all sizes and across industries, has its website powered by WordPress. The design comprises of horizontal color treatments used to effectively separate different sections of the site delivering the a clean, simple, and relaxing vibe. The mild hues used are equally nice to the eyes especially when users are browsing on mobile devices.

zenpro wordpress website design in portland

ZenPro is a local Portland startup that has benefited from the ease of use and customization offered with WordPress.


#2 NW Benefit Advantage
As one stop platform for finding the right medical coverage at the best price, NW Benefit Advantage’s website is the perfect example of WordPress’ crisp design platform. Scrolling through the website on the small screen is a great experience as users can choose a mobile optimized version of all the inner pages for better viewing. As with the other projects, the home page here has been neatly organized in a visually appealing way, in part due to the strong built-in capabilities of the WordPress platform.

#3 Pacific Truck Colors
As the leading vehicle customization and upfitting service provider in Oregon, Pacific Truck Color’s website is was built to reflect their impressive business. In the services section, we used sliding text that is one of the biggest pulls on the website. The product section enables customers to choose the right kind of accessories and bodies, and also navigate to their vendor website to further study all the products and accessories to be installed. WordPress served as a great platform here to easily organize different services, vendors, and products, and communicate effectively through a blog.


Pacific Truck Colors is a great Portland business using WordPress to manage their website.


#4 World Thirst
World Thirst, a PDX-based water charity, wanted to launch as efficiently as possible, which pointed us right to the WordPress platform for this project. The site was constructed in a single-page format, giving the user an integrated experiencing of the brand while keeping costs down for the client.

Over 100 million sites are hosted on WordPress, and for good reason. Countless themes are available to kickstart your project, yet creative customization options can turn a template into a custom masterpiece that reflects your brand well, both in terms of functionality and design. Considering WordPress website design in Portland is a great opportunity for local business that want to stay up with our vibrant, creative culture without breaking the bank.

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