How to Use Snapchat as a Marketing Tool

How to Use Snapchat as a Marketing Tool
March 29, 2015 Midas Blog
snapchat as a marketing tool

Snapchat Marketing for Businesses

Originally, we were wrong about Snapchat. We thought they were crazy when they turned down Facebook’s $3 billion offer. But now, we are starting to see how Snapchat marketing can add serious value, even to small businesses.

For those who don’t know, Snapchat is a growing social network that enables users to send images to each other, much like text messaging. The kicker is, the viewer can only look at this “snap” for a few seconds before it disappears. Gone forever.

Because of that, it seems like marketing with Snapchat is a lost cause. But hold on a second. In a world overcrowded with information, especially on the internet, we are witnessing a paradoxical, mind-boggling psychological development of an age-old adage: “You always want what you can’t have.”

As pointed out by the Snapchat rockstar Shonduras, Snapchat marketing is actually possible because the messages are only temporary. Why? It’s actually pretty simple. When you scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed, it’s a rarity if a post catches your attention long enough where you actually read it carefully. This is in part because you know, in the back of your mind, you could revisit it at anytime. It’s permanent. But with Snapchat, users know they better pay attention for the 10 seconds that they are viewing a snap because after that, it’s gone forever.

So in a counter intuitive way, Snapchat actually delivers a strong, memorable platform for brands to leverage, since its audience is actually listening. Snapchat has also held on to its organic roots fairly well so far, steering away from the follow/unfollow game that has polluted Twitter and Instagram. How will all it play out? How can your business use Snapchat? It’s the wild west out there, but if you want to talk about how Snapchat can help your business or idea specifically, send us a quick hello.


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