Getting Started with Responsive Web Design Services

Getting Started with Responsive Web Design Services
February 13, 2015 Midas Blog
responsive web design services

Why Do You Need Responsive Web Design Services?

Responsive web design is a term used to describe web development that is done in a way that considers mobile devices, tablets, laptops and large screens simultaneously. Each web page on a responsive website will automatically adjust to deliver the best viewing experience possible for whatever device the visitor is using. This is accomplished by implementing or hiring responsive web design services.

Responsive Web Design on Laptop

Responsive Web Design on a Laptop

Here is picture of how our website’s homepage looks on a 13in screen, as well as how it appears on a iPhone 5. You can see that on the iPhone the page realigns our services so that each one is easier to read on a smartphone, rather than keeping the same 3×2 layout as shown on the laptop.

Responsive Web Design services

Responsive Web Design on a Mobile Device

To find out if a website is responsive, open it up on a laptop or desktop screen. Move your mouse to the corner of the window and grab it to adjust the window size. As you make the window smaller and smaller you should see the elements of the website adjust to accommodate the new, smaller size of the window. Pretty cool stuff!

Why are responsive web design services important?

Well, rather than typing up a  bunch of brilliant, insightful words, it seems that some simple math can illustrate this point best: Over half of all web browsing is now done through mobile or tablet use. However, less than 20% of websites today are fully responsive. It doesn’t take a calculus professor to notice that a lot of companies are delivering an outdated, hard to read mobile experience to interested visitors.

But why not just have a mobile website in addition to the regular site?

At first, this seemed like the way to go. Companies that could afford it would just create a mobile-friendly version of their website to supplement their current website. However, the responsive web design movement has started catching on for small businesses especially, since it’s a lot easier and cost effective to maintain one site instead of two. Not to mention the start-up cost of creating a new site just for mobile users. Brand integrity and overall web experience is much more consistent with a responsive website, unless you happen to have unlimited marketing resources to develop multiple high-end, custom websites within your company.

Hopefully this article has been helpful to you as you consider responsive web design services. If you’re thinking of getting up to speed with a responsive website, that’s something that we implement with every website we create. A quick click below can get that process started.


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