Facebook Ads for B2B: 5 Ways to Generate Leads

Facebook Ads for B2B: 5 Ways to Generate Leads
August 29, 2016 Midas Blog
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There’s a huge misconception among business owners about Facebook’s ability to generate leads with B2B Facebook ads. Facebook isn’t just for consumers sharing motivational quotes and posting holiday photos. With 1.59 billion active users, there’s surely something for B2B companies here as well. But, how can you crack the code on Facebook ads and open up the floodgates to success?

Let’s find out.

  1. Don’t Limit Your Ads to Your Facebook Page’s Audience

Sharing content on Facebook regularly is a great strategy for your business. But you can’t really grow and acquire new leads if you limit yourself to the people following you. Here’s the thing: if you are sharing content with an audience of 1,000 people then they’re the only ones engaging with you. Of course, you might get some shares, but that’s not always guaranteed.

Facebook advertising gives you the possibility to target an audience of over one billion users. You don’t have to have any connection with them, and your Facebook ads will appear in their newsfeed as sponsored content. However, make sure that the people you target match your buyer’s persona profile.

  1. Take Advantage of Custom Audiences

Setting a Custom Audience is a powerful tool that allows you to create lists of people you want to target. Most people use the same email address for all their social media accounts. So, chances are, you have a bunch of email addresses lying in your database, unused. Facebook allows you to upload these addresses and target users based on them.

If you want to get more B2B leads, it would be smart to segment your database into specific demographics.

  1. Target B2B Audiences

You probably know already that you can set up your Facebook ads based on location, age, or gender. But, did you know that you can make the job title a factor, as well? Use this great feature to target different work categories and to secure more B2B leads.

  • Employer: Take advantage of this category if you already know which companies you want to target for your Facebook ads.
  • Job Title: Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to target broad categories, such as doctors, lawyers, or entrepreneurs, but also specific job titles, such as creative director or executive accountant.
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If your company sells a network security service, you’d likely want to target decision makers working in IT departments.

  1. Make Your Offer Appealing

B2C companies often lure prospects with discounts, vouchers, special offers, and other incentives. You can use the same strategy to get more leads. But, instead of getting a prospect to buy a product right away, you likely need to convince them to subscribe to your newsletter or visit your website. Offer them something they can’t say no to, such as free access to exclusive content or an important industry report. After you get them logged into your CRM, your ongoing marketing efforts and your sales team should be able to close the deal!

  1. Focus on Lost Prospects

Sure, getting new leads is important, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore lost ones. In fact, you should use the information you get from them to improve your Facebook ads. Try to figure out why they bounced off your site without taking any action. Use the Facebook Pixel to target users who visited a specific landing page and to make your offer more attractive to them.

Facebook offers a whole spectrum of possibilities to B2B companies. But you need to take advantage of them and learn how to use them to generate more leads.

If you need help with your Facebook advertising needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to learn more about your business and help you identify opportunities!


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