5 Awesome WordPress Features You May Not Know

5 Awesome WordPress Features You May Not Know
September 30, 2016 Midas Blog
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Everybody loves WordPress – there’s no secret to that. Its flexibility and ease of use have turned it into a preferred CMS option for both developers and novice users. Ask anyone, and they won’t stop talking about how WordPress turned the act of running a website into an enjoyable task.

At the rate WordPress is growing, it’s hard to stay up to date with all the amazing features it offers. Because of this, many good features end up getting overlooked. As a WordPress web design Portland-based firm, we thought you might enjoy our list of the best hidden WordPress features.

Get ready for some awesome stuff!

  1. Paste to Make a Link

Whenever we tell people that they can select a word and paste to turn it into a link, their minds are blown. As it turns out, very few novice users (and even some experienced ones) don’t know about this amazing feature. All you have to do is copy the link, and then select the text and paste to make it a link. You are welcome!

  1. Distraction-Free Writing

Don’t you hate it when you are trying to focus on creating the next post for your company’s blog, but you get interrupted by notifications? The good news is that WordPress allows you to create a distraction-free environment. If you have the latest WordPress version installed, you will notice a small Distraction-Free Writing Mode button right under the Text and Page Builder tabs. Click on it and all the unnecessary elements of the post editor will disappear, leaving you with a clean writing surface that you can use as a white canvas. If you want the old menu back, just move your mouse to the left or right corner of the screen.

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Multi-tasking has been proven to be a myth most of the time – especially when related to tasks that require intense focus, like good driving and good writing!

  1. Make a Post Sticky

WordPress usually displays your most recently published posts at the top of your site and pushes the rest of the articles down the page. That means that any important article you wrote a while back it will get lost in the archives. Sticky Post is a great feature that allows you to keep important blog posts at the top of your website. This feature is especially handy when you have important information that you want to keep visible for an extended period of time.

  1. Change the AutoSave Interval

Losing your content in the abyss of the Internet is a terrifying experience. Fortunately, there’s a feature that makes it possible for you to avoid this situation entirely. WordPress allows you to set when the post will be automatically saved. For instance, you can set it to save your drafts every 5 minutes.

  1. Edit Images

You don’t have to open Photoshop or other photo editing app every time you need to edit an image. WordPress can perform various basic image editing tasks, such as cropping, resizing, or rotating. No filters yet, but this feature is a time-saver.

These are just five of the best features tucked away in your WordPress site. If you want to learn more about how to make your website better, or if you need help building one, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a WordPress web design Portland-based agency dedicated to turning your business to gold!


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