WordPress Website Maintenance and Management

Website Maintenance Services

Hosting and maintaining your website can be an overwhelming job. We take care of the details so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Our WordPress website maintenance experts have you covered!

Fix Problems Fast

Trouble updating content? Getting connection errors? Don’t lose money from downtime. Let us fix it quick.

Prevent Future Issues

We take extra care to make sure your site is always secure, up-to-date, error-free and loading fast.

Keep it Fresh

We include an hour of help from one of our WordPress experts each month to add new features, content, and more!

Never worry about your website again!

Our website maintenance services, hosting plans, and complete website management packages will keep your site up and running at all times.

Built for WordPress

Your website is hosted on a cloud-based server, built and optimized specifically for WordPress sites.

Hacker-Free Security

Your website gets a free SSL certificate, we run daily malware scans, and in the off-chance someone does get in, we remove malware for free.

Nightly Backups

Rest easy knowing we have multiple off-site copies of your website in case the boogeyman decides to strike.

Monthly Updates

We go through your website each month and update all your plugins and your theme, then test everything just to be safe.

website maintenance services

Blazing Fast Speeds

Website caching and minifying ensure you’re getting top performance out of your site. Need more? Add a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and watch your site fly!

Speedy, Personal Service

You won’t get stuck on hold with someone you can’t understand when you need help.

Built-In WordPress Expert

You get access to an hour of professional help for just about anything. You can also purchase additional hours at a discounted rate.

Domain Registration

We register your domain and ensure it’s properly configured.

Website Maintenance Services & Management Plans

All of our plans include a free SSL & domain, daily malware scanning & removal, nightly off-site backups, monthly updates, and at least an hour of help from our team of WordPress experts.

Business Standard


Shared WordPress Cloud Hosting
FREE Domain & SSL
Nightly Off-Site Backups
Monthly Updates
Up to 25k Monthly Visitors
Basic Performance Optimization
~ 1 Hr Design Time
Business Gold


Private WordPress Cloud Hosting
FREE Domain & SSL
Nightly Off-Site Backups
Monthly Updates
Up to 100k Monthly Visitors
Advanced Performance Optimization
~ 1 Hr Design Time
CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Uptime Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
Business PRO


Dedicated WordPress Cloud Hosting
FREE Domain & SSL
Nightly Off-Site Backups
Monthly Updates
100k or More Monthly Visitors
PRO Performance Optimization
1 Hr or More Design Time
CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Uptime Monitoring
Performance Monitoring

Which plan should I choose?

Answer a few quick questions to get an idea which plan is best for your website.

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WordPress Website Maintenance FAQ’s

Hosting & Maintenance

  • What’s the point if I can get hosting for $5/mo somewhere else?

    Basically, you can host your website anywhere, and it’ll be cheaper in the short-term, but you’re only paying for a server to store your website’s files and database. As soon as something goes wrong, you have to hope the company can/will help you or else you have to hire someone to fix your site.

    The main causes of websites crashing or getting hacked:

    • Plugins, themes, and WordPress core files that haven’t been updated, which leave security vulnerabilities
    • Conflicts between plugins when updating them
    • No malware protection
    • Weak passwords or usernames “admin” or your company’s name

    It’s not 100% perfect, but the measures we take to keep your website running smoothly are a huge value, not to mention the hour of our design team’s time to add new features, make changes, etc.. each month.

  • Which plan should I choose?

    We kept our pricing as simple as possible, and use your monthly traffic levels and the importance of fast load times to determine which plan is best for your website. Servers are configured with a certain amount of resources available, and if you run out of resources your website won’t load fast and will eventually crash. Here’s a quick rundown:

    • Business Standard: Most websites do just fine with this plan. If you have less than 50k visitors on a monthly basis, don’t run any resource-heavy plugins or web apps, and you’re good with relatively fast load times, this is the plan for you.
    • Business Gold: This is for websites that have between 50k and 200k monthly visitors on average. You might run a few heavy-duty plugins and you want your site to always be crazy fast.
    • Custom Plan: If you have over 200k monthly visitors, run heavy-duty plugins or web apps, need lightning-fast load times, and potentially need more than an hour each month of help from our team of WordPress experts, this plan has your name on it.

    If you’re still unsure, feel free to give us a call!

  • What all does your “Built-in WordPress Expert” include?

    Our team is ready to tackle just about anything you could need on your website after you launch it. Our clients often need us to:

    • Make adjustments to their pages’ layouts
    • Add products to their online store
    • Add features such as social media sharing on blog posts or products

    If we can complete the work in about an hour (or less) there isn’t much we won’t do. If you need more than an hour per month, we can add on design time at a discounted rate. If you have a one-off project that exceeds the time you have per month, we’ll just treat that as a project, separate from your hosting & maintenance plan.

  • How do I contact you if something goes wrong?

    Because of the preventative work we do, we rarely have issues with the websites we manage. Every once in a while though, a server will go down or a glitch will pop up. If it’s an emergency (your website is down or there’s a major issue) you can email us at [email protected] or call Alex directly at 541-905-4003. We’ll do everything we possibly can to get it fixed ASAP. We HATE downtime!

    If there’s a minor issue or you just have a design request, you can email us at [email protected], and we’ll add it to our queue.